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Uncle Acid – Mind Control

Uncle Acid Mind Control vinyl
Hey there Vinyl-lovers! Efrafa from postmyrock.com here! I’m doing a guest post here on the site that inspired me to make my own. I want to show off one of the best records released 2013!

I am quite sure you have not missed the phenomenon that is Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. Few bands have in modern era created such a mystique and hype.

For those of you that do not know about them, oh boy do i envy your upcoming days of filthy fun!

Uncle Acid was a small UK underground band, playing horror music in the style of Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath.  Their inspiration and theme for their music came from old horror movies. They wanted to take the feeling you get from watching a Hammer horror flick in the basement during a rainstorm and turn it into music. They made it look effortless and put up some songs on myspace. A fan contacted them on email and asked pretty please can you put this on on a physical copy?

Being a poor, underground small horror band. They did what they could and put their album vol1 on 20(!) home printed CDs.. A few of them was sold on myspace, but most of them remained unsold. Life carried on until months later when they wanted to record some new material.

Bloodlust was made in a barn with the crudest of technology! With little money they released 300ex on vinyl aswell as on CD. Bare in mind that 300ex was allot of vinyl for a band which couldn’t sell 20 CDs. The CD sold well the first day for some unknown reason and when a magazine had gotten a hold of this modern masterpiece,  a great review sold out all their albums very quickly. The vinyl which came out much later was sold out immediately  and they had to make more to meet the demands of their new fans.

Uncle Acid Mind Control vinyl


One of the 50 ULTRA DIE HARD editions, with a by hand blood splattered cover:


They took the money they earned and made a press of 500(!!!) ex. By the time this second press came out, they already had pre-orders up to their neck. So Rise Above had a hard time re-pressing Bloodlust to keep up. You can now find allot of good pressings from Rise Above Records in all kinds of colors. But if you want a copy of the earlier releases, be prepared to pay 200euros+.

After their huge success, they started touring with big bands such as Ghost (Which is a perfect duo, since both bands aim to remain mysterious and anonymous). Two years past and they felt ready to make a new album. This album was also released on Rise Above Records last year.. i present to you:


Uncle Acid Mind Control Vinyl Front

Uncle Acid Mind Control Vinyl Back

This is the story of a strong leader born with a burning ill will. A cult is created with the power of lies, propaganda and drugs. I wont spoil the story, you will have to listen & analyze to see for yourself!

References to different Cults and especially Charles Manson is made more than once. As one example you can listen to the last song.

“I’m the Devil and I’m here to do the Devils work.”. It’s not only a nice lyric, It’s a horrible sentence uttered by Charles “Tex” Watson, before he murdered for Charles Manson.

P1090237The lyrics and artwork is a joy to behold:

P1090238P1090239 P1090240 P1090248The Mountain fits perfectly in the TV screen:P1090241Oooh, on of those nice sleeves. With anti-static plastic inside & paper on the outside..

P1090242First Press, Dark Purple…


A very solid release, both material wise with thick cardboard as well as spooky artwork & music.

As for the music itself. It’s not quite as fuzzy and dark as the first album (Or two albums, if you count Vol. 1).

It takes a few listens and some reading of the lyrics to understand what’s really going on. Meanwhile it’s obvious in Bloodlust.

I REALLY love themed bands, and much more so themed albums. So Uncle Acid is just up my alley, I hope you have no problems meeting him in yours.

Enjoy! https://play.spotify.com/artist/16PcI6JjJuUfPlsX8Ffvfl

Solidarity & Peace / Efrafa from postmyrock.com

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