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Nothing More, Eve to Adam, Kyng and Lacuna Coil… Interview with Cristina Scabbia

Danny and Cristina Scabbia o Vinyl Blog interviewHad an awesome time yesterday at Slim’s in San Francisco. There was a great Metal event featuring the bands Nothing MoreEve to Adam, Kyng and Lacuna Coil. Shame on me, I was not familiar with three first bands, that’s why I feel even more happier now, because I discovered some new stuff. Also, thanks to Century Media‘s great team, I had a chance to interview Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna. Let’s sort the things out, because I have tons of impressions…

No idea why, maybe because of the whole stressed week, I felt a bit tense prior to the interview; but thankfully to a very friendly atmosphere in a tour bus, I think we had a pretty nice conversation:

Cristina also was very kind and signed some vinyl records for me:

Lacuna Coil dark adrenaline vinyl record LP Lacuna Coil Karmacode vinyl record LP Megadeth United Abominations vinyl record lp

The concert started at 8pm with the performance of  a very cool rock band from Texas called “Nothing More”. The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that this was not only a casual rock performance, but the real kick ass one with awesome musical effects and some special tricks. For example, the lead singer Jonny Hawkins virtuosically played on an additional drum set, enforcing the main Paul OBrien’ drums – this was just wonderful; two guitar players, Daniel Oliver and Mark Vollelunga, put the guitar on some mount, played on it together while rotating it all over around; one more cool trick was with two tom drums , when both guitarists held and rotated them, while Jonny was playing… You really have to see them live, my words cannot describe the whole greatness of it. You should be able to purchase their new album from here.

Have to notice, all bands allowed kind of meet and greet after their performances. Here is my son with “Nothing More” folks:

Nothing More bandNext was performance of New York’s band “Eve to Adam”. Very good hard rock, but no “special effects” as “Nothing More” did. The band was founded in 1999, but for some reason I’ve never heard of them. Here is some video in case you’re also not really familiar as I am:

The third band on stage were “Kyng”. They gave an awesome performance in traditions of good classic hard rock. They started with their new song Electric Halo from their upcoming album “Burn the Serum”, which I really liked. The album will be released on April 15. Also, their cover of  Van Halen‘s Hot For Teacher  literally blew me away. After they left the stage, I purchased their album “Trampled Sun” on a CD. Tony Castaneda, the bass player,  kindly agreed to sign it for me:

Kyng Trampled Sun

Both albums you can purchase from the links below:

Finally, Lacuna’s folks came on stage. There were 15 songs on a setlist. Almost half of them were from their latest album Dark Adrenaline. “Against You”, by the way, they played live for the very first time. They introduced two new songs from the upcoming record Broken Crown HaloNothing Stands Our Way and Die & Rise. Other songs were from Karmacode, Comalies and “Shallow Life” albums. The new album will be released in USA on April 1st, but it’s already available for pre-order (unfortunately not on a vinyl yet). The sound was fantastic and perfectly adjusted for the such a small venue. Guys did a great work and I can’t wait to get the new record. In my opinion, Cristina’s voice is definitely the best female’s one in Metal. You can find here some of their pictures from their after-gig signing session.

Andrea Ferro from Lacuna Coil in San Francisco

What else can I say… Good time moves fast, now I have great memories and a lot of new good music to listen to. Hope, I was able to express a little bit of how great the event was. Looking forward for the next one!

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