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Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls

Judas Priest Redeemer of souls vinyl record lp front

Tomorrow, on November 16 2014, Judas Priest will perform here in San Jose, CA as a part of the tour dedicated to their new 17th album released several months ago. The album is titled by one of its songs – Redeemer of Souls. I think, this work is very interesting and follows the great old school tradition of Heavy Metal. I purchased the record right after it became available and very enjoyed it.

Actually, at the beginning when the band started to promote the upcoming album and released a song “March of the Damned”, I was not very tempted. I still think that this song is the weakest one on the record, because it actually does not show all the greatness of Halford’s voice and does not have impressive instrumental arrangements. Have no idea why they picked up that particular track for promoting.

The album contains thirteen tracks and I liked them all, besides the one I mentioned above, but some of them are really my favorites:”Halls of Valhalla”,”Sword of Damocles”,”Hell & Back” and “Cold Blooded”.

On the short  video I prepared I forgot to mention that the record also came with a download code which you can use to get your digital copy of the album. I did not use it and gave it to my friend right away. I’m saying that just to let you know  that even if you do not have a turntable at home, you still can get the vinyl and enjoy a great artwork of the sleeve, which looks awesome:

Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls vinyl record LP

Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls vinyl record LP


The album comes on 2 black LPs recorded at 33rpm. Sound of the records is very good, have no complains here. Central logos mostly replicate the artwork of the sleeve, nothing special here:



Judas priest redeemer of souls vinyl record LP Side AJudas priest redeemer of souls vinyl record LP Side BJudas priest redeemer of souls vinyl record LP Side CJudas priest redeemer of souls vinyl record LP Side DPriest always kick ass on live shows and definitely will do it tomorrow again. Halford’s voice still powerful as it was always before. I’m pretty sure the new songs will sound perfectly along with the old ones. So, as for me, this weekend ROCKS!!!

I purchased tickets to the concert about 3 months ago and it always seemed to me that I still have plenty of time till the event. Here the moment came, November 16 is tomorrow, time passed so fast… I’m saying all that just to remind you: do not waste your time, fill every single moment with positive emotions, with great music. Rock on!


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