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Philm – Fire Form The Evening Sun

I’m really glad I’m not as conservative as I thought I am. I still continue to discover new music and new bands, though in that particular case one of the band members is very famous and is actually one of my favorite drummers. His name is Dave Lombardo and the band I’m talking about is called Philm.

In 2014 they released their second album titled “Fire From The Evening Sun”. I already have their first album “Harmonic” (2012) on a CD and love it. The second album was released by UDR record label. Having it on a vinyl is a huge privilege for me.

Philm As I mentioned above, Dave is one of my favorite Metal drummers. I really admire his work he did in Slayer and Testament. In Philm he plays in a different style which allows us to notice how wide his musical talent is. I can literally sit for hours with my eyes closed and listen him playing, even sometimes I try to kind of “filter” other instruments and to concentrate only on drums.

Another reason I like Philm is the voice and a singing style of Gerry Nestler. By discovering the band I also discovered this great musician, who really amazed me as a vocalist. His voice can be relaxed and lyrical, but at the same song could change to a completely different one with a huge tear, but staying very melodic at the same time.

The album comes on two black vinyl records in a gatefold sleeve which has a “fire” design as it supposed to because of the album main track.



There are twelve tracks overall, with three on each side.


My favorite songs are “Lady of the Lake”, “We Sail at Down”, “Omnisience”, “Luxhaven” and “Corner Girl”. But I wish to highlight “Train” and “Lion’s Pit” which are the best in my opinion. Also, the last track “Corner Girl” is completely different music wise. Keyboard and saxophone are the main instruments there and I think, but not sure, Gerry is playing them. This kind of reminded me old Russian rock bands like “Alisa” or “Kino“, for example, who used to involve sax in their rock compositions very often.

Philm The internal sleeves are grey colored and include lyrics of the songs.


It was a huge pleasure to listen to that record and it continues to please me again and again. I really hope the band will perform some day soon here in Bay Area and I will have a chance to interview the guys. But until then, their music is definitely with me.

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