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Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Paradise Lost The Plague Within gateforld vinyl record
I’m a Paradise Lost fan for almost 25 years. Every time they release a new album is like a huge event for me. I have all of them in my vinyl collection and the one they released this June is not exception. Last Saturday I rushed to a local record store in order to get it.

There is no bigger pleasure than having a weekend morning ride on a motorcycle to a record store. After spending there for about 30 minutes I got out with 3 new records. One of them was “The Plague Within“.

Paradise Lost The Plague Within gateforld vinyl recordRight after hitting home, the new album was already spinning on my turntable. I was familiar with the first track “No Hope in Sight“, because Century Media record label released it on Youtube about 2 months ago, but listening to it on vinyl was a completely different story…

Paradise Lost The Plague Within gatefold vinyl record LP

The album comes on 2 black 180 gram vinyls recorded at 33 rpm, but actually occupies only 3 sides. Side D has no songs on it, but comes with a beautifully designed etching.

The gatefold sleeve has a huge black and white picture of the band:

Paradise Lost The Plague Within gatefold vinyl record LP

The inner sleeve of the first LP has all lyrics on it. The sleeve of the second record has all credits. On the back side of the gatefold sleeve we have all track titles listed:

Paradise Lost The Plague Within gatefold vinyl record LPTo say I enjoyed the listening is like to say nothing. This particular album really touched my soul from both lyrical and musical perspectives. The band plays in good old school traditional Gothic Doom Metal with some short elements of classical music. Nick uses here various styles of voicing.

Though I very like the whole album, I will list down the tracks I enjoyed more so far: “No Hope in Sight”, “Punishment Through Time”,Victim of the Past”,”Return to the Sun”. But the most noticeable track is “Cry Out”.

Would like to know your opinion, what you think of that record. If you still did not buy it, I highly recommend you to get out of my website ASAP and to go get it.

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