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Motörhead – Bad Magic

Motörhead Bad magic Deluxe Limited edition box setAfter 40 years of rocking, Motörhead releases their 22nd album called “Bad Magic”. I preordered it in a Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set form factor about two months ago and received it yesterday, which is pretty fast, only three days after the record came out. And yes, I already had a chance to spin in on my turntable. But let me tell ya first what comes in the box…

The video below shows you in details how everything looks like, but if you’re not patient enough to watch it, here is the brief list of items:

  1. Big “Bad Magic” jacket patch
  2. Motörhead Bad Magic patchSmall “Bad Magic” jacket patch
  3. Motörhead Bad Magic patchHuge album poster
  4. CD – comes with a beautiful booklet, with lyrics and picture.
  5. Motörhead Bad Magic CDMotörhead Bad Magic CDDigital download code
  6. Vinyl record – comes on a single black 180 gram LP with a gatefold sleeve. Recorded on 33 rpm. The internal sleeve has all lyrics and credits. The gatefold sleeve has a big black and white band picture on its internal side.

Fortunately, my kids fell asleep in time, so I had a chance to listen to the record and just as expected, I enjoyed it very much. The album contains 13 tracks. The last one is a cover of The Rolling Stones titled “Sympathy for the Devil”, which sounds to me even better than the original one.

Motörhead Bad Magic Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set

Motörhead Bad Magic Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set

Motörhead Bad magic vinyl record CD deluxe box set limited edition

Though I liked the entire record, my very favorite track is “Shoot Out All of Your Lights” – this song, especially the chorus, just blew me away. The other favorite ones are: “Fire Storm Hotel”, “Electricity”, “Till the End” , “Tell Me Who to Kill”, “When the Sky Comes Looking for You” and the Stones cover. Also, there was a guest appearance on “The Devil” song, which was honored by Brian May’s guitar solo.

Motörhead Bad Magic Vinyl Record LP

Motörhead Bad Magic Vinyl Record LP

The record sounds fantastically. The album is full of awesome guitar riffs and drum parts. Mikkey Dee is one of my favorite drummers, BTW. It clearly shows the band is full of energy and great ideas, just as Motörhead always been.

Motörhead Bad Magic Vinyl Record LP

Motörhead Bad Magic Vinyl Record LP

Unfortunately, Lemmy’s health is not in a great shape anymore as we all wish it would be. Only yesterday they had to cut another concert in Austin, TX… Very sad… But I truly hope and pray he will get well ASAP and will continue rocking and making us happy for many more years.


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