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Paradise Lost – Symphony For The Lost

Paradise Lost Symphony for the Lost vinyl record deluxe set

So glad to show you one more vinyl record release from my favorite band Paradise Lost. This is a live performance recorded in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in September 2014 with Plovdiv symphonic orchestra.

The record released in November 2015  and comes on two 180 gram 33rpm  orange vinyls with a beautiful picture booklet and DVD. First part of the concert recorded with orchestra and second one – without. Both sound fantastic and contain many my favorite tracks from different albums.

Usually I feel a bit skeptical about all these performances with symphonic orchestras, but this time I literally have no complains, because the orchestra does not try to dominate, but stays on background and just brings its extra to the music where it supposed to be.

Another nice surprise is that the set includes a postcard with the band picture and all the signatures.

Paradise Lost postcard

Please enjoy the video where you can see the whole set in details.

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